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Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot

Lisa Pomfrey-Talbot grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada surrounded by picturesque seascapes and quaint communities rich in culture and history that fed her imagination from a very young age.

After graduating from Acadia University with a B.A. (Sociology/English) she pursued further studies in counselling and medical transcription and spent several years working in social services, education, and health before being challenged by her daughters to follow her passion and complete her first manuscript. JENNIE FOWLER NIGHTTIME PROWLER is the result of that challenge.

When not working as a community health coordinator or writing you will find her doubling as a chauffeur/ATM machine for her daughters, strolling down a local beach, scooping acorns off her lawn, or snuggling random cats in her back yard that think they live there but don’t.

She currently lives in her hometown of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia with her husband and two daughters.

Lisa's Books Available on Cathydia Press