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At Cathydia Press we recognize that many great manuscripts are turned down by traditional publishers, often because of the very real risk involved in taking a chance on a new, unproven author. We are committed to supporting new and emerging authors and have developed a unique program to help talented authors realize their dream of becoming a published author.

Cathydia Press will soon be accepting submissions for our Collaborative Publishing Program. This program blends aspects of both traditional publishing and self-publishing and may be an ideal fit for authors who have been considering self-publishing but would prefer to be published under a reputable imprint able to put their book into distribution with a committed team of professionals to support them now and into the future. As a small boutique-style publisher committed to publishing only a high standard of work, we will be highly selective in those manuscripts and authors accepted into our program. More details about our Collaborative Publishing Program will be provided when we open for submissions in late 2016. Until then, brush off your manuscript. We just might be the publisher you've been waiting for!